Steroids Shop is a supplement and medical pharmaceutical and biotechnology supplies company specializing in wholesales and retails of products, intended to improve the quality of life.

Despite the fact that our company began its work in late 2013, we already are confidently entrenched in the markets of EMEA and South America countries. Our products are also well-known in Russia and CIS.

Today we successfully distribute various pharmaceuticals in compliance with GMP, USP and ISO standards and requirements.

…or something like this:

There are several quality standards in pharmaceuticals production industry. Steroids Shop operates under GMP standards. This means, that all products are manufactured in strict accordance with the required chemical composition in sterile conditions, avoiding insertion of third-party components, and appropriately packaged to guarantee the preservation of all properties throughout the shelf life. This standard introduces the “clean room” concept- the room in which is controlled the concentration of airborne particles to minimize the entry and retention of particles inside the room, and allows you to monitor other parameters – temperature, humidity and pressure. GMP standard takes into account all details, such as materials, equipment and clothing, used on production site of pharmaceuticals manufacturing.